Books for Uganda

Last night I delivered about 30 boxes of wonderful books which I had collected on Salt Spring Island, for a school in Uganda. A couple from Mayne Island came to pick them up. Now the books will make their way by container, compliments of Rotary International, to Uganda. The small rural school there is now being used as library, not just by the village but people walk from miles around to borrow books!
This shipment was made possible by people around Salt Spring Island and includes gorgeous books: from a homeschool library, text books from our highschool, the collection from a 15 year old who passed away and whose mom donated his books, and many other sources. I hope this inspires you to collect and ship books to a project of your choice in a similar way!
You can also visit this website:
and donate a school-in-a-box to bring education to children around the world.
Happy Holidays!

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