Meeting Greg Mortenson

Last night we listened to Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea, as he shared his experiences of building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Did you know that the book is now mandatory reading for high ranking officials in the US army? It makes me feel hopeful to know that they might be listening to such a wise peacemaker. I felt honored to meet Greg and exchange books with him. His new title is called Stones Into Schools. If you are looking for a good cause to support with your students, check out his project
A huge thank you to Vancouver Kidsbooks for bringing him here.
If you missed the event you can still hear Babs Alink, also sponsored by Kidsbooks: "From her years living and working in Afghanistan, refusing to work with weapons, traveling to the most remote areas and building over 300 schools and clinics, Babs has a very different and in-depth view of the situation in Afghanistan.
She is an iconoclastic activist who worked between 2002 and 2008 for three and a half years in Afghanistan. In her presentations she shares tales of her adventures and her battles with Western officials in her efforts to involve local people in developing projects. She will present photos and share her stories with you on the 28th January at the Water Carriers Fundraiser.

22nd January at the Ten Thousand Villages, 2909 Broadway, 7-9pm
28th January at Cravings restaurant/lounge, 6pm starting with live music (Randy Morisson), presentation Babs, doorprices, delicious tapas and Argentinian wines. Fundraiser for the Water Carriers Afghanistan.

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