Global Bookmark Exchange

If you have not yet participated in my global bookmark exchange with your school, now is the time! I have several schools in different countries looking for buddies.
All you need to do is let me know how many students and in which grades, want to make bookmarks. I will send you a match.
Bookmarks need to be handmade. Students can decorate them any way they like, but should write one sentence about their favorite book, in English and in any other language they may speak. They then mail their bookmarks to another country. You can use this activity to study the country, to send letters, pictures, flags.etc. Sometimes students even become pen pals.
You can also check out the books that other kids recommend and find out what they are reading in other countries!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Time to Write

The November rains are here. It's pouring... But it's nice to be home with a fire going. I made home baked bread and soup and now it's time to write! I'm putting the final touches on a novel on which I have been working for a long, long time.
I also collected about 40 boxes of books from different donors on Salt Spring Island. The books will be going to a new school in Uganda which Rotary International has helped to build.

Here is a fun interview with fellow Salt Spring writer Phyllis Smallman:

Phyllis writes adult mysteries. Her book Magarita Nights is in our booklovers' B & B.
If you are a writer, you will enjoy reading her interview.

Librarians & Teachers Everywhere!

Hello from Charlotte, North Carolina. I am speaking at the convention of the American School Libraries Association. There are some 2,500 t/l's here and it's fun to see old friends (from Teipei, Atlanta, Oregon and other places) as well as meet new friends. I'm staying with author Carol Baldwin in Charlotte. I'm looking forward to sharing the stories behind My Librarian is a Camel and My School in the Rain Forest tomorrow.