Something from Nothing, Phoebe Gilman

Something from Nothing, Phoebe Gilman

When Joseph was a baby, his grandfather made him a shimmering blue blanket adorned with the moon and stars.
As the boy grows and the blanket wears out, the old tailor recycles it, in succession fashioning a jacket, a vest, a tie and, finally, a cloth-covered button.
But when Joseph loses the button, even his grandfather cannot make something from nothing.

With lovely repetition and internal rhyme, this thoughtfully presented Jewish folktale will captivate readers right through the ending, in which the boy discovers one last way of using what he has.

I especially love the art in this book, which shows a whole new layer of story that is not in the text, as the snippets of fabric fall through the cracks of the floor, helping the family of mice that live below.

This is a wonderful tale to read together, to give as a gift for a newborn and to share with older students as a Jewish fairytale.

  • ISBN-10: 1443119466
  • ISBN-13: 978-1443119467
 Ages 5-11.

Petey, by Ben Mikaelsen

Petey, by Ben Mikaelsen

Petey is a touching story of friendship, discovery, and the uplifting power of the human spirit.
In 1922, at the age of two, Petey's distraught parents commit him to the state's insane asylum, unaware that their son is actually suffering from severe cerebral palsy. 
Bound by his wheelchair and struggling to communicate with the people around him, Petey finds a way to remain kind and generous despite the horrific conditions in his new "home." 
Through the decades, he befriends several caretakers but is heartbroken when each eventually leaves him. Determined not to be hurt again, he vows to no longer let hope of lifelong friends and family torment him.

That changes after he is moved into a nursing home and meets a young teen named Trevor Ladd; he sees something in the boy and decides to risk friendship one last time. Trevor, new to town and a bit of a loner, is at first weary of the old man in the wheelchair. But after hearing more of his story, Trevor learns that there is much more to Petey than meets the eye.

This timeless story is recommended for all ages!

Author’s website: for background information on this book.

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