Centennial, James Michener

Centennial, James Michener

This epic tale has long been one of my favorite books ever. I marvel at how James Michener started with dinosaurs and ends up with generations of people, all tied together by a place in America's western frontier.

A stunning panorama of the West, CENTENNIAL is an enthralling celebration of the history of America, brimming with the glory and the greatness of past that only bestselling author James Michener could bring to life. From Native Americans, migrating white men and women, cowboys, and foreigners, this is a story of trappers, traders, homesteaders, gold seekers, ranchers, and hunters--all caught up in the dramatic events and violent conflicts and human life that shaped the destiny of the West.

I first read this book while traveling west to settle in the US - the story made the country and its history come to life. Hope you like reading it as much as I did. If you do, I recommend most of Michener's other stories all based on fact: The Source (Israel); Hawaii, Poland, Alaska, Space, etc.!


Carol Baldwin said...

I love all of his books that I have read. I just can't imagine writing any of them. He MUST have had a staff!! Please tell me he did!

Carole said...

Hi there, there is a collection of book links happening right now at Carole's Chatter. This time we are collecting links to posts about your favourite historical fiction. Here is the link Your Favourite Historical Fiction Please do pop by and link in – maybe this one? Have a lovely day.

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