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Time flies when you're having fun. I AM having fun making big breakfasts for our many guests at Between The Covers, sharing stories and books with them. Many of our first guests have been teachers who enjoy our book theme. We now have bookings from Australia, Newfoundland and many other places and look forward to meeting more booklovers here in our piece of paradise.
When I am not doing laundry or weeding the lavender, I am editing my upcoming book: Amazing Animals.
I hope you are finding time to read good books. For a list of some of my favourite books to read this summer, click on the 'for readers' tab on my website.

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Margriet -
Your B & B sounds lovely. Is there anything nicer than sitting outside reading in a lounge chair surrounded by lavender? Heaven.
Thank you for your suggestions for our Spirit of PaperTigers Book Set project. We all are looking forward to reading your new book My School in the Rainforest, How Children Attend School Around the World.

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